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Do you need a merit badge?? Are you looking for a merit badge counselor to sign off on your badge?? Check out our list of counselors!!

Terri: Sports, Personal Fitness, Fire Safety, Auto Mechanics, Aviation

Bill: Camping, Family Life, Safety, Lifesaving, Communications, Electronics, Environmental Science

Dick: Basketry, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Personal Management, Canoeing, Wilderness Survival, Fishing

James: Metal Work, Rifle Shooting, Geology

Derek: Archery, Radio, Salesmanship, Space Exploration, Rowing, Public Speaking

Steve: Swimming, Citizenship in the Community & Nation & World, Cycling, Music, Computers

Sue: Leatherwork, Reading, Public Health, Meteorology

Kevin: Pottery, Indian Lore, Orienteering, Backpacking,

American Heritage, Cooking

Mr. Riead: Shotgun & Rifle Shooting

Officer Riddle: Fingerprinting

Feel free to e-mail us for more information about our merit badge counselors!!

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