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The following are the men that make Troop 175 possible. Not one of them receives any sort of financial compensation for the work they do with the troop. These men are only here for the kids. The names are real and so are the nicknames, however, some of the nicknames would take far more time to explain than space availible here!! Check it out and get a chuckle even though you won't know exactly what it means, trust me, it is humorous. If you're wondering about the song that plays on this page, yes, it is "Mission Impossible." And if you're wondering, yes it does someimes feel like mission impossible to be a leader, but it's worth it (usually)!!

Scoutmaster: Tom(AKA: "Crash")


Committee Chairman: Bill (AKA: Janitor)


Assistant Scoutmaster: Dick (AKA: "Mother")


Assistant Scoutmaster: James (AKA: Merry Sunshine)


Assistant Scoutmaster: Derek (No AKA, I get to make the webpage so I don't have to have one!!)


Assistant Scoutmaster: Terry (AKA: Assistant Janitor>


Assistant Scoutmaster: Steve (AKA: Sachem)


Assistant Scoutmaster: Ben (AKA: Benji--he is also still in college)

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