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Welcome to our picture page! We're excited to be able to show you some faces to go with the names, so enjoy the pictures you find in here. This is not all of the kids in our troop. These just happened to be the ones on the campouts where the cameras were!! The first set is from a wilderness survival campout and the second half of the page is from an individual cook campout. PLEASE BE PATIENT--THIS PAGE TAKES SOME TIME TO LOAD!!

Here's some of the old ones, I mean, leaders-- the Janitor and the Assistant Janitor!

Here's one of the newest suckers,
I mean, leaders of our troop-Steve.

Here's the infamous, one and only, MOTHER! Read more about the "Curse of Mother" on the main page.

We decided to go snipe hunting. As any good snipe hunter knows, one must either yodel or whistle to attract a snipe. Unfortunately, we forgot to mention that you have to close your eyes when snipe hunting so we didn't catch anything. Anyway, above is the yodelers...

and of course, the whistlers.

Here's some of the boys listening to our Sunday morning church service.

This whole individual cook thing seemed like a good idea until Jamie realized he didn't have enough hands to carry everything!

Some of our "seasoned pros" work on their breakfast.

One of the newbies gets some assistance from an old pro.

Individual cook campouts means you sit by the fire and watch your own food cook to be sure it doesn't burn!

We hope you liked our pictures! Check again some time for some new faces!

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