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In Scouting, the highest award a young man can achieve is that of Eagle Scout. We are proud to show the world the many young men that have successfully completed this impressive milestone while in Troop 175! We're sure there will be many more to come!

First Name Last Name Year
Francis G Day 1970
Steven G Taylor 1970
Scott E Daldrup 1973
Terry Mathena 1973
Doug S Trublood 1973
Myron H Daldrup 1973
Russell Gillahan 1973
Robert K Kirkwood 1976
Bruce J Daldrup 1977
William K Kirkwood 1977
Steven Leibrandt 1977
Richard D Mauk 1978
Robert P Leibrandt 1978
Robert L Berryhill 1979
Jayson H Hustead 1981
David A Eaton 1982
Bradley Hahn 1982
Michael Lee 1982
Patrick Drew 1982
Christopher Botts 1983
Mark Mallen 1983
Charles Adamsoon 1984
Eric K Kirkwood 1986
Robert T Williams 1988
Brett A Lee 1990
Shayne A Massey 1990
Christopher J Neal 1991
Russell S Turner 1992
Christopher Kelley 1994
Derek Williams 1996
Kevin Adams 1996
Ryan Chambers 1997
Timothy Riead 1997
Ben Doornink 1998
William Hamic IV 1998
Scott Schlemminger 2002

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